Our Location: Sky Dragon Centre, located at 27 King William Street. We hold classes from 4:30 to 6:30 PM on the lower level of Sky Dragon Centre.   Note: Our current classroom location is being renovated and we are currently holding classes on lower level Rust City Brew Pub.  Please check our website posts or class schedules each week in the event of we are at alternate locations or cancellations. If you are on Facebook, updated information will be available on our Facebook page:  Wiccan Church of Canada (WCC) Hamilton Temple. This only applies to classes. Ritual time and location is currently not affected and will remain the same unless otherwise posted.   Rituals will take place at 8:00 PM on the second floor. Please note that doors will only be open on the main floor between 7:30 and 8 pm. There is ample on-street parking on King William, as well as a parking lot right across the street. Be aware that the lot across the street is a privately owned lot. Pay attention to the prices and times.  Prices can also go up for special events. There is also a large municipal parking lot two blocks east on John Street between King William and Rebecca Street (north of King William) which is inexpensive. Our location is very easy to get to by bus as most Hamilton buses go through downtown. The GO bus is also very convenient for this location. Walking and bicycling are also encouraged! The Sky Dragon Centre is easily accessible by car, bus, bicycle, or on foot.

We also recommend you find us on the  Wiccan Church of Canada (WCC) Hamilton Temple Facebook page to receive last-minute updates on times and locations.

        For information regarding the Toronto Temple you can access their website here: Toronto Temple